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Xplor Gym software is designed for ambitious gyms and fitness clubs of all shapes and sizes. Our end-to-end solution has everything you need to run your business in one fast, responsive, easy-to-use gym management system.

Intuitive & flexible gym management software

Gym management, simplified

Manage your club through one, easy-to-use gym management system with automation-driven features. Cut tedious admin and avoid human-error.

Loyal, engaged members

From marketing automation to self-service tools that let members control their experience, stand out for the right reasons. Supercharge retention.

Better decisions, faster

Manage multiple sites with ease. And make informed decisions based on live membership data and reporting. Get a 360˚ view of members within your gym management solution.

Flexible features that grow with your gym

Focus on what you care about most, with fitness centre software that’s got everything your fitness business needs to thrive. Save time, engage members, and grow your gym business. 

CRM & marketing

Build an engaged community

Your members are your business. So, that’s why our software for gyms goes beyond what you’d expect from a member database.

With a live 360˚ view of members, you’ll have access to everything you need for daily member management.

Marketing automation features work with your member database to power new member signups, engagement, and retention. Segment and target members at critical times in their journey with personalised messages. Automatically identify members at risk of cancelling and act fast. 

Digital self-service

Put your members in control

Let members book classes online and via your app. And set your own rules to stay in control. Popular class? No problem! Members can join a waitlist and get notified if a space becomes available.

Plus, members can conveniently manage their account online via digital self-service tools. It’s easy for members to make payments that are due and more.


Reliably collect membership payments

Integrated payments let you create flexible billing schedules, set up promotions and discounts, encourage add-on subscriptions, and accept one-off payments. 

You’ll have our payments technology and team on your side. So, you can stop chasing overdue or missed payments, while improving collection rates. And, cut time spent handling membership payment queries. 

Get up-to-date payment information when you need it to better serve your members. 

Branded Member Mobile App

Keep your brand top of mind

Build a strong member experience with a native mobile app that carries your branding. Members can download your app to conveniently browse and book group fitness classes. Quick and easy.

Motivate members towards their goal. Members can use the app to commit to fitness goals, track workouts, and measure progress. Plus, let members request and get personalised workouts from your personal trainers.

Coaching & Personal Training

Motivate members towards their goals

Transform your gym by offering digital, personalised training plans for members. Give personal trainers access to member coaching tools to better connect with members.  

Use in-built coaching tools to set goals, create custom workouts, and offer on-demand workouts. Accessed via your branded mobile app, members can track progress and sync with other apps. 

Access control

Stay in control of your facilities

Let the right people into the right places and create a seamless member experience. 

Manage access to all areas of your premises – from one place – with gym management software that has integrated access control. Set opening hours and restrict areas. Choose from a selection of different access control technologies.

Understand who is using your facilities and when. Automatically manage access as memberships start/end and are suspended. Address missed or failed membership payments in real-time.

Staff & sites

Manage multiple sites with ease

Customise your gym management solution to suit the unique needs of your fitness business.

  • Combine staff workflows, sales, and reports across sites. 
  • Give roles, permissions, and staff assignments by single or multiple sites. 
  • Schedule to suit your needs – recurring and one-off. 

Plus, flexible features help fitness franchises run effectively, offering products and promotions across all or specific sites. 

Insights & reporting

Make better informed business decisions

Access the live insights you need for reporting and decision making at all levels of your fitness business – by site, region/group of sites, or all sites. 

Immediately see the key numbers you rely on most when you login on your homepage dashboard. Fewer reports needed! Combine and analyse sales data to find focus areas for training (like enquiry handling, conversion hurdles and retention risks). 

Fine tune the experience your members get with quick access to member history data (like attendance, coaching, correspondence and more). 

Stay ahead with the right tools & tech 

Don’t let outdated technology hold you back. Say hello to a faster, more responsive, and easier to use best-in-class gym management software solution.  

Xplor Gym has been developed to give you exactly what you need to save time, engage members, and grow. Designed specifically for gym businesses like yours, no distractions. 

And you’ll also get a true partner. Think of our team as an extension of yours. Always here to help you succeed with proactive support and a dedicated account manager.  

Trusted by gyms big and small across globe, Xplor Gym offers all the benefits of working with a big business. Reliable, robust technology. Continuous innovation. Support as you scale. Plus, an experienced Australasian-based team that’s passionate about helping businesses like yours.  

Rely on a trusted gym management software partner

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Frequently asked questions

Gym management software is a digital solution that will help you manage your gym business with ease. Key gym software features include prospecting, membership management, class scheduling and bookings, marketing automation, retention, coaching, billing, and reporting.  

Running a gym is rewarding, yet it can be demanding work. There’s always lots that needs to be done. That’s where software comes in.  

Gym management software will help you streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve member experiences. Whether you are just starting out or a large chain, your software should fit your needs and scale with you. 

Gym management software is used by gyms and health clubs as an all-in-one system to take the hassle out of managing a gym business.  

You can use gym management software to track and manage memberships, schedule classes, take bookings, process payments, and generate reports. It frees you up to focus on what you’re most passionate about. 

The right gym management software will be a cloud-based SaaS product. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a way of supplying software online as a service. Rather than installing and updating software locally on-premises, you can access it online via a web-browser. No complex software and hardware management!  

Your software should offer integrations to help you create a streamlined, customised experience for members. And look for gym management software that helps you motivate and retain members with coaching tools, a member app, retention capabilities, and more. 

When starting out, many gym owners use pen and paper, or spreadsheets, to record important business information. This is not practical as a business grows, software is needed to manage tasks more efficiently and securely. 

Established businesses will normally use gym management software of some kind. There are many different options available. Many focus in on just one or a few areas of gym management. This can make running a business tough. From switching systems to data hosted in different places, this way of working is time consuming, creates extra admin and leads to inaccuracies that negatively affect member experience. 

Having an all-in-one gym management software solution with embedded payments is essential to your success. All your business information is in one place. So, you can: 

  • Manage member information and get a 360° view of each member. Including membership status, billing and payment information, and attendance history. 
  • Schedule classes and show timetables on your website. 
  • Access the insights you need for reporting and decision making at all levels of your business. 
  • Automate billing and remove the burden of chasing overdue payments from your team. 
  • Increase new member signups and help you manage prospects. Easily set up promotions, offer discounts, run refer-a-friend campaigns, and accept one-off payments. 
  • Engage members with timely, relevant, and personalised email and SMS communications. All sent using marketing automation tools within your gym software. 
  • Coach members to reach their fitness and wellbeing goals. 
  • Automatically identify members at risk of cancelling and follow up to reduce attrition. 
  • Improve your member experience by supplying a branded app, online booking, and self-service options. 
  • Control access across all sites and facilities. 

By using gym software you’ll save time and improve efficiency. So, you’re free to focus on other important aspects of running your business. 

The cost of gym management software will depend on the size and needs of your fitness business. Different packages are available with a choice of features to suit your needs. 

Choose an all-in-one gym software to get value for money and avoid overpaying or paying double on different solutions. When reviewing software prices, consider value. The price is what you pay, whereas the value is the usefulness of the solution you pay for. 

These are some of the ways you can measure value: 

  • Time saved – a solution should make it faster to complete daily work and automate many manual tasks. So, you and your team get time back.
  • Sales & retention – your software should include powerful prospecting tools, along with automated referral programmes, to help you attract more new members. And in-built retention algorithms that can help you retain more members. So, you achieve sustainable membership growth and increase profitability. 
  • Member experience – digital savvy members have high expectations of the digital experience you offer. Look for a solution that has an intuitive, brandable member app and  digital member self service area. And one that integrates with other market-leading solutions. So, you can create a customised member experience that stands out from the competition. 
  • Revenue collected – choosing a solution with integrated payments and a dedicated contact centre to help members with payment queries, can help you increase collection success rates. 
  • Flexibility to do business your way – set up your software to meet your business needs, so you can operate how you want to. Make sure your software will fit your needs now and into the future. 
  • Support and partnership – select a partner who’ll support you throughout the go live period. And long into the future, with Australasian-based support, a dedicated account manager, and access to insights that help you succeed. 

Read more about how to measure the value of gym management software. 

Switching to a new gym management software partner shouldn’t be hard work. No matter how large or complex your business is. Look for a partner with a team of experienced project management experts there to make it easy. 

Your gym software partner should take you through the entire process. So, it’s a hassle-free, smooth implementation and onboarding period.  

With Xplor Gym you’ll get clear timelines and specifications for the project. Plus, a Project Manager to make sure you go live on-time and on-spec. You’ll be up and running fast. 

We offer comprehensive data migration services, importing your data for you. Minimising member impact. 

Xplor Gym stands out from other gym management software providers for several reasons: 

  • User interface (UI) & user experience (UX) – Xplor Gym offers a very modern UX. With straightforward logical processes and minimal steps to improve accuracy. And fast search functions for easy navigation. 
  • Member journey – Xplor Gym delivers an optimised member journey with improved online joining, friendly self-service options and better member communications. 
  • Prospecting – Xplor Gym gives you access to powerful prospecting tools. Manage leads and track sales activities to drive new member sign-ups. See where prospects abandon a sign up online and automatically follow up to drive sales. Nurture prospects through to membership with automated, targeted email journeys. And make it easy for new members to join online and in-club, paper free! 
  • Retention – Xplor Gym automatically highlights members at risk of leaving using a powerful algorithm that can be adjusted to suit your gym business. See where members are sleeping and visit habits are changing. 
  • Bookings – Xplor Gym makes it easy for your members to book classes online with fitness studio software features like filtering options. Plus, for over-subscribed classes, give members the choice of joining a waiting list. And they’ll automatically get a place if one becomes available.  
  • Marketing automation – Xplor Gym’s prospect and member pathways marketing automation technology is easy to use. Schedule and send targeted, personalised emails and SMS messages straight from your software. Set up triggers and run one-off campaigns. 
  • Reporting – Xplor Gym lets you see the information that matters to you most with a customised homepage. And a comprehensive set of pre-built reports let you track business performance. 
  • Integrated payments – Xplor Gym removes the need for a separate membership payments provider. So, you can see live member payment information and reconcile payments. No switching systems, no discrepancies. With all your data in one place, it’s easy to answer member queries and report on your business. 

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