Grow your club

There are many fitness options available today. So, make it easy for prospects to choose your club with convenient online joining. No need to visit in person, no phone calls.

And get access to prospecting tools that make it easy to capture, manage and convert leads into members. Track sales and optimise performance.

Seamless gym sales software & online joining

Smart prospecting

Capture, manage, and convert more leads. Track prospect activities, set sales tasks, and create automated prospect communications journeys.

Easy sign up

Let new members conveniently join with gym registration software that integrates into your website. Follow up when a sign up is abandoned.

Frictionless payments

Efficiently and securely set up recurring membership payments when new members join. Reliably collect payments with ease.

Smash your sales targets and scale your business

Convert more prospects into members with effective online joining and prospecting tools. Xplor Gym offers gym sales software features that help you create optimal lead management and online joining processes for your gym business. 

Lead Management 

Effectively manage prospects 

As your gym business grows, effective lead management becomes essential. That’s where the gym sales software tools within Xplor Gym come in handy. 

Powerful prospecting tools make it easier for you and your sales team to convert leads into members. Track sales activities including calls and emails. Assign and schedule tasks. Use filters to segment and target your prospective members for easier management. 

Set sales goals and track performance using the handy sales dashboard and reports. Quickly identify ways to improve your sales approach. 

Prospect Communications 

Attract and convert more new members 

Make it easy for prospective new members to get in touch. Add forms to your website letting prospects request a tour or more information. These leads flow straight into your prospect database. So, you can follow up fast. 

Save time and cut manual work with in-built marketing communications tools. Automatically send timely, targeted emails to prospects. Build journeys to nurture prospects through to membership. 

Online Joining Technology 

Convenient, easy sign up 

Integrated with your website, get an online joining journey that showcases your membership options and packages. Making it easy for prospects to choose the right option for their needs. And then sign up straightaway on their preferred device. 

Create promotion codes that can be used as part of your marketing campaigns and applied during the online joining journey. With Xplor Gym, you’re in control of these codes. So, you can create these whenever needed with no wait or fees. 

In-built abandoned basket technology automatically captures details of prospects who drop out during the joining process. So, you can follow up to encourage these prospective new joiners. 

Integrated Payments 

Secure, efficient payment set up 

Online joining technology offers frictionless membership payment set up. Securely take payment details to set up digital membership payments

Verify key payment details automatically as part of your joining journey. This avoids payment data errors that can cause failures and delays. A better experience for your new members and your business! 

Plus, with a choice of payment collection dates available, you can let members choose their preferred date. And with more collection dates, there’s no need for high pro-rata payments upfront – one less barrier for prospective members.  

CRM & Access

Get started immediately

As soon as a new member joins, you’ll be able to see this in your software. That makes it easy to track sales performance – no delays. And can help you serve new members straight away with instant access to the information you need.

Plus, members can start using their new membership immediately. Choose to give new members access via a dynamic QR code that can be scanned for entry.

New Member Communications 

Automated, triggered onboarding messages 

Send personalised email and SMS messages to your new members that hit the right notes right from the start of their new membership with you. 

With in-built marketing automation technology, Xplor Gym lets you create triggers. So, you send the right message, at the right time, to the right member – from onboarding and beyond. Go further than a simple welcome message with a series of triggered onboarding emails and SMS messages. 

Plus, create well-timed promotional offers for new members. Offer guest passes. Run referral programmes. Promote these in personalised, targeted marketing campaigns sent straight from your software. 

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