Powerful gym marketing automation

Communications matter. If you want to grow your business, you need to effectively engage and retain members. As an all-in-one gym management solution, Xplor Gym gives you the tools you need to succeed all in one place.

Automate, schedule, and send personalised emails to your prospects and members throughout their journey with you. Nurture potential new members. Optimise onboarding with well-timed messages during those crucial first weeks. Identify and re-engage members at-risk of cancelling to increase retention.

Targeted, personalised marketing communications


Create triggers at key stages of each member’s journey with you to send timely email messages. Never miss an important milestone again.


Create personalised communications that really resonate with members. Use segmentation to create customised target audiences for campaigns.


Get a 360° view of members in your gym retention software. Automatically identify those at risk of cancelling. Re-engagement campaigns drive retention.

Elevate your club with stand-out gym marketing software

Combining powerful marketing automation tools with best-in-class technology, Xplor Gym takes the hard work out of attracting, engaging, and retaining your members.

Automated, triggered messages

Trigger the right message at the right time

Xplor Gym features intuitive in-built marketing automation tools. So, you can send personalised email and SMS messages throughout the member journey. 

Create triggers to send the right message, at the right time, to the right person. Set up triggers and messages to automatically send at key times including: 

  • Prospecting – create nurture journeys to turn prospects into members 
  • Onboarding – welcome new members to your club with all the information they need to get off to a successful start 
  • Booking reminders – remind members to re-book their favourite classes and sessions with you 
  • Birthdays and anniversaries – wish your members a happy birthday and celebrate milestones they meet with your club 
  • Other essential communications – for example, password resets, booking confirmations, no-show alerts, missed payment notifications, and more 

Segmentation & personalisation

Send targeted, personalised email & SMS messages

Your marketing is more powerful when it’s personalised to each individual member. Segment members into target groups based on demographics, preferences and more. All using your gym marketing software. 

Create one-off and automated marketing campaigns for target groups. So, your messages always resonate with members.  

Plus, use merge fields to personalise your messages for each member. Increasing open and response rates. Delight and inspire action. 

Promotional campaigns

Run engaging promotions that drive revenue

A well-timed promotional offer will help your business increase revenue. Xplor Gym makes it easy to promote your offers to members and prospects with email and SMS messages. 

Set up promotion codes. Offer members guest passes to bring a friend. And create referral campaigns, to take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing. All driven by your loyal members. 

Capture details when a prospective member abandons an online sign up. Automatically follow up to encourage these prospects to complete their sign up. 

Retention tools

Identify and re-engage at-risk members

Increase retention rates by re-engaging members who are at risk of cancelling soon.  

All your member data is in one place with Xplor Gym and a powerful algorithm identifies at risk members. So, it’s easier to see when members may cancel soon.  

Create targeted re-engagement strategies for at-risk members. Use your gym retention software to automatically send personalised email and SMS messages. Engage members and get them back on track fast.

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